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Advisory Consulting

Sometimes an independent eye is what is needed to advance the organization.

At Mindset180, we aren't looking to sell you an army of agile coaches. We want to help you get the results you need, while strengthening your internal capabilities.

We offer, advisory, facilitation and organizational services to ensure that your team is as productive as they can be and that outcomes are achieved.

Some of our services include:


Create and cascade enterprise-wide objectives that enable and grow agility in your organization.

Roadmap Planning

Flexible long-term planning is critical to delivering the right solutions at the right time to your customers. We will help you design a portfolio roadmap that is adaptable to changing customer needs.

Systematic Problem Solving

Continuous improvement requires a systematic approach of defining the real problem, establishing root cause, implementing solutions and validating the results. Become the best problem solver you can by applying these techniques.

Agile Metrics

Meaningful execution metrics go far beyond velocity and burn-ups. Let us help design a metrics program tailored to your organization's goals.

Value Stream Identification/Mapping

Organizing around value is critical to maximizing the flow of value to your customers. Let us help you identify key customers, operational and development value streams and how to incorporate third party vendors into your supply chain.

Implementing an Agile Office

Most organizations have taken agile competencies in-house to alleviate the dependency on high-priced consultancies. Organizing your agile office, or COE, is critical to your organization to navigate the complexities of Business and Enterprise Agility.

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