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AMI from Mindset180

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In the realm of adopting agile development, the multitude of voices and opinions can be overwhelming.


The questions of scaling, transitioning from projects to products, and choosing the right framework, like Scrum, can create a balancing act between customer commitments, stakeholder needs, employee satisfaction, and investor expectations.

Finding the right path to unlock the benefits of agility often leads to frustration, financial strain, and unmet expectations. However,Mindset180 is here to guide you through the noise with our AMI services.

With AMI, we bring clarity to your agile endeavors by:


🌟 Aligning Agile Efforts

🌟 Defining True Measures of Success

🌟 Developing Agile Thought-Leaders

Our AMI services pave the way for scalable and sustainable agility, tailored to your organization's needs. Say goodbye to frustration and unfulfilled expectations. Let us help you achieve the results you desire in an agile environment that thrives and endures.


Alignment is key!


When adopting Agile development, enterprise-wide alignment is crucial. It promotes collaboration and enables quick adaptation.


With Mindset180’s AMI solution we will help your organization discover your own vision of agility and align your agile efforts throughout the organization.

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Does your organization struggle to find meaningful metrics to evaluate the success of your agile efforts?


You aren't alone.


Mindset180 can help you identify and align your performance and improvement metrics to the key business drivers of your enterprise.


The Agile Manifesto states that we are finding better ways to develop software by doing it, and helping others to do it.


Inside of every organization there is a wealth of agile knowledge and experience.


With AMI from Mindset180 you will have a means to leverage your talent and build leaders to be influencers of change to move the organization towards meeting your key business objectives.

Our Approach

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Traditional approaches to agile transformation include multiple consultants for extended periods to introduce agile frameworks, practices and tools. Which are expensive and can lead to unsustainable change.

We at Mindset180 understand that your organization has been "doing agile" for years and to relearn fundamentals will not lead to different results.

Instead, AMI, from Mindset180 is focused on aligning and empowering your people to take control of your brand of agility.

We don't rely upon embedding consultants or coaches for extended engagements. With AMI we build those skills through targeted training, workshops and virtual, on-demand coaching.


For More Information

To learn more about AMI and Mindset180, reach us at or submit the form below:

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