Change is hard. It is hard enough for an individual to adopt new habits, let alone an organization made up of hundreds if not thousands of individuals.

In order to bring about that change companies need leaders at every level with the right mindset and tools to bring about lasting and positive change to realize their business goals.

This creates a challenge for companies in that traditional ways of doing business have required a transactional approach to leadership. The policies, processes and practices are guarded and preserved in the name of risk-reduction or sometimes just embedded in corporate “muscle-memory”.

Mindset180 provides leadership training and coaching intended to support your organizational transformation and provide a pathway to sustainable change.

Included in this offering is a four-day lean/agile leadership bootcamp intended for senior to middle management.


Course curriculum includes:

  • Leadership Styles

    • Today’s leaders need to be able to move seamlessly between different leadership styles to fit their current situation

    • In this section, we will explore different styles of leadership and apply real-world scenarios to identify the most appropriate approach to get the best result

  • Emotional Intelligence

    • Leaders need to have a high-level of Emotional Intelligence to know how to apply leadership styles in the right situation.

    • Leaders in your organization will explore the five components of emotional intelligence and apply it to their current environment

  • Lean Mindset

    • In order to succeed in an agile transformation, it is important to understand the fundamental concepts of a lean mindset and be able to apply them to your context.

    • These lessons utilize lean concepts; such as, identifying and removing waste, accelerating learning and continuously improving organizational performance

  • Agile Fundamentals

    • Agile is full of valuable frameworks, processes and practices but there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

    • We will explore multiple frameworks and help your team to understand what is most appropriate for your organization without dogma and brand-selling


Mindset180’s consultants have decades of experience in leading teams and organizations in both traditional and agile environments. After the bootcamp, we can provide ongoing group and individual coaching services to help build and maintain your organizational transformation.


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