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Nidhi Sharma Professional Coach

Nidhi Sharma

Certified Professional Coach

Advancing in the journey of balancing career and family life, as a mother of two teenagers, I bring 17 years of experience in technology and a decade of commitment to coaching both individuals and corporates.


Moving forward, I am dedicated to guiding you and your organization toward finding equilibrium and propelling career aspirations.


Reach out to me to start a conversation that could be a pivotal step towards professional success for you or your company.

Coaching Consultation - NS

Book a free 45 minute consult to see if coaching is right for you.

My Story

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Welcome to my coaching platform!


As a professional and mother of two amazing teenagers, I embrace the complexities of managing a successful career alongside a rewarding family life.


This understanding forms the foundation of my coaching practice. With over decade of experience, I’ve developed the expertise and empathy needed to assist individuals in achieving a harmonious balance between their career ambitions and personal life.


My coaching path is fueled by a desire to aid others in mastering the intricate challenges of today's world.


Whether you're aspiring to ascend in your career, contemplating a career change, or striving to enhance your personal life while maintaining professional excellence, I'm here to guide and strengthen you.


I recognize that each individual possesses distinct strengths and faces unique challenges. My coaching is customized to address your specific aspirations and obstacles. In our sessions, we'll collaborate to unlock your potential, establish attainable objectives, and devise strategies for enduring success and contentment.


If you're prepared to begin a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth, to achieve equilibrium in your professional and personal life, I encourage you to reach out to me.


Let’s initiate a dialogue that has the power to redefine your future.

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