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Team Launch/Tune-up

You've been doing agile for years, so why are you not getting the results you need to have satisfied customers?


Our four week team launch/tune-up is designed for new teams just starting out and existing teams who need a little help.

We focus on building team skills that create measurable and verifiable improvement. We use real world learning to accelerate agility in your team.

Personal Coach

You will work with your own personal coach who will help guide you through the process of mastering agility in the real world.

Connect Agile Values and Principles to the Real World

Gain a deeper understanding in how to apply agile values and principles across a broad range of enterprises. Learn how to adapt to organizational constraints without sacrificing agility.

Learn Systematic Problem Solving

Continuous improvement requires a systematic approach of defining the real problem, establishing root cause, implementing solutions and validating the results. Become the best problem solver you can by applying these techniques.

Measurable Goals

We will work with you to create a team improvement plan and hold you accountable to achieve your goals.

Learn Critical Thinking Skills

True wisdom comes from a combination of knowlegde, experience and sound judgement. Practice the skills you need to develop "agile wisdom" to guide the efforts of both you and those around you.

Learn to Navigate the Enterprise

Agile in the enterprise can be a complicated thing. Learn how to become a better partner and collaborator with your internal and external customers

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