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Are you investing in the future of your business?


A business isn't the building, it's not the processes, or the technology.

A business is the people. The people who deliver, the people who serve your customers, the people who lead.

So ask yourself, are you investing enough in your people?

Because they, are the future of your business.

Mindset180 is dedicated to providing professional development services to organizations and individuals; to help them grow and thrive in a rapidly changing business environment. 

Emerging Leaders

Two of the leading causes of employee attrition are the lack of professional development opportunities and the quality of management.

Improve associate retention and engagement by investing in your newly promoted and high-potential employees.

Our Emerging Leader Cohorts are designed to provide newly promoted and high-potential employees with the skills they need to grow as leaders within your organization.


Executive Coaching


Organizations that engage executive coaches see substantial performance improvement for Individuals (+70%)*, Teams (+50%)*, and the Organization (+48%)*.

In addition, they receive up to 788% Return on Investment (ROI)**

Our Professional Coaches partner with members of your leadership team and provide individual guidance to improve executive competencies and facilitating change.

High-Performing Teams

Studies show that coaching can improve productivity by enhancing collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Create high performing teams, who are aligned to a common mission, effectively collaborating in a trust-based environment focused on effective decision making and continuous improvement.

Our coaches will work with your teams as a unit to build cohesiveness and improve their results.


Individual Coaching


Personal and professional development go together. Coaching can provide clarity and accountability in achieving your personal goals.

Partnering with a Professional Coach will help you to clearly understand your goals and enable you to chart a course to achieve them.

Our professional coaches can help in a broad range of areas in every aspect of your life.

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