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Agile Transformation?

It can be a struggle adopting agile in any organization. Every step forward can lead to two steps back.

The problem isn’t the framework, processes, practices, or tools you choose. It comes down to how prepared your people are to accept and adopt the necessary mindset and behaviors.


Mindset180 can help build the foundation to make the most out of agile and create meaningful and lasting change.



Whether you are new to agile or struggling to achieve the promised benefits, Focus30 utilizes a combination of  workshops and daily exercises designed to build the habits of 360 Degree Customer Focus to enhance agile adoption in your organization.


360 Degree Customer Focus 

When we think of our customers, by nature, we think of those who buy our goods and services.


While that is certainly true, customers also include anyone who consumes your work. This can mean shareholders, co-workers, vendors, suppliers, regulatory agencies and much more. 360 Degree Customer Focus creates new mental models in your staff to help to make the connections between agile theory and practice.

Focus30 participants will learn how to balance the needs of Product, Technology and Process to maximize the effectiveness of any agile transformation effort and help to realize the full benefits of Business Agility.

Key Elements of Customer Focus

Our program focuses on five key elements of Customer Focus to enable your team.


To serve your customer, you first need to understand them.


At the end of the program, participants will understand their 360 degree network of customers and their needs, desires and goals.


Honesty is expressing one's perception of truth. Truth is an expression of facts.


Participants will learn to tell the difference and build the habits of full transparency with their customers.


Your customers needs evolve, this means people need to be comfortable with change.

Focus30 will help participants understand the need for flexibility and ways to respond to change.


​Accountability means we

  • Do what we promise

  • Proactively solve problems

  • Never blame

  • Always remain ethical in our work


Program participants will be given tools to self-assess their behaviors and actions and build the qualities of accountability.


​To be collaborative is to

  • Allow for give and take

  • Listen to understand, not to respond

  • Stick to your guns

  • Pick and choose your battles

Participants will build their collaboration skills using real-world exercises to provide the best results


To serve your customer, you first need to understand them.

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