Mindset 180 Consultants

Our company was formed to help businesses maximize the value they provide to their customers.

Utilizing principles and practices from Lean, Agile and other schools of thought we offer a pragmatic approach to delivering the right value with the highest level of efficiency possible.

Whether you are looking to kick start a small project or transform your entire organization Mindset180 has the knowledge, skills and experience to help you achieve the business results to excel in today's marketplace. 

Leadership Development

Many companies struggle to adapt to more agile approaches of delivering solutions to their customers. Legacy habits and policies stifle attempts to modernize organizational systems leading to unsuccessful transformation initiatives and missed expectations.

Before embarking on your company’s agile journey, you must first prepare your leaders to think and act differently to realize the benefits of organizational agility.

Mindset180 offers a comprehensive program to prepare your leaders for this new way of working. Using classroom learning combined with group and individual coaching our professional consultants will arm your team with the skills and knowledge they need to accelerate and sustain a new, lean, and value-driven enterprise.

Agile Transformation

Every company has its own culture, history and customers. Because of this, no two agile transformations are the same.


To create a sustainable agile enterprise, it is important to have trusted, experienced partners to help assess, design and implement your transformation.


The consultants at Mindset180 draw upon many years of experience in agile to provide clear and pragmatic guidance that is free from the dogma and brand-loyalty found in many agile implementations.


We will help you define success for your transformation, choose the right configuration and coach your teams in the agile mindset, principles and practices.

Building a Learning Organization

In an era of empowering individuals and teams’, organizations must create safe spaces for learning and development in order to attract and retain top talent and continue to compete and thrive in a modern marketplace

Learn and adapt how your company can transition to become a learning organization and take advantage of industry practices of knowledge acquisition, sharing and continuous improvement and growth while providing greater meaning to work-life for your associates and their teams.

Mindset180 consultants will guide you in establishing the framework for your enterprise to build a learning organization.

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